Prof. Dr.


Our faculty was founded as Faculty of Arts and Sciences with Higher Education Law in 1983 in order to contribute YTU’s philosophy of education through unique content of its courses.  Before this time, it continued education under the name Faculty of Fundamental Sciences of State Engineering and Architectural Academies. Owing to its contribution to scientific studies and research our faculty has been considered as one of the best faculties of our university. I would like to proudly say that thanks to research and development (R&D) works/studies of our distinguished and dynamic academic staff our faculty becomes the faculty which gets the biggest proportion of the Rectore’s funds given to scientific studies. 

I strongly believe that in order to be among the world’s top 100 universities in the 100th anniversary of our Republic established and consigned to us by our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, afore-mentioned studies will increasingly continue in the upcoming years and will have a crucial role in the development of our country.

I would like to mention that our faculty is the biggest faculty of our university through with its eight major programs in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Western Languages and Literature, Turkish Language and Literature,  Humanities and Social Sciences, graduate programs and distinguished faculty members.


Our faculty members conduct researches as well as national and international projects, offer consultancy services in their specialty beside lecturing during the academic year.


We offer Turkish programs whose medium of instruction is 30% English as well as programs totally taught in English together with modern (advanced?) laboratory facilities   in a 200-years historical atmosphere at Davutpasa Campus.  We also provide opportunities for qualified students and academicians to participate in exchange programs within the framework of educational and scientific cooperations, agreements signed with foreign universities and exchange programs such as Erasmus and Mevlana. Our undergraduate and graduate students have also the opportunity to study as an exchange student at another Turkish university in Turkey within Farabi program. Owing to these exchange programs we provide opportunities for our faculty members and students to improve their academic works and skills.


Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities and Social Sciences departments offer a wide range of elective courses to approximately 10.000 undergraduate students majoring in different fields. These courses can be in English or Turkish.


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