The History of Faculty of Arts and Sciences


The history of our faculty dates back to the “İstanbul Architectural and Engineering Academy”. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences was established under Yildiz University on July 20, 1982 with the law number 41 and its modified law number 2809 on March 30, 1983. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences started educational activities at Şişli-Çağlayan Campus in 1983. In 2000, the faculty moved from Şişli to Davutpaşa Campüs and became the first faculty which was located in historical barracks building. Some of departments moved to our new building in 2009. All of faculty departments have been continued research and education activities in our new building since 2013.


There are 11 departments which belongs to Faculty of Arts and Sciences given below.

1)      Department of Chemistry

2)      Department of Mathematics

3)      Department of Physics

4)      Department of Statistics

5)      Department of Western Languages and Literatures

6)      Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

7)      Department of Turkish Languages and Literature

8)      Department of History

9)      Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

10)  Department of Philosophy

11)  Department of Sociology


Department of Chemistry


The first core team of the Department of Chemistry was established in Istanbul State Academy of Engineering and Architecture/Department of Basic Sciences/Chair of Chemistry. Since 1982, it has been sustained teaching and academic activities as Department of Chemistry in Yildiz Technical University with the decision of Council of Higher Education within the framework of the law of the new universities. 

Department of Chemistry sustains teaching and academic activities with dynamic teaching staff using modern laboratory facilities, technical equipment and physical infrastructure. Chemistry department moved from Şişli (known as Galatasaray School of Engineering) to Davutpaşa campus in 2000 and continues research and education activities in Davutpaşa campus.


Department of Chemistry has 5 majors namely, “Physical Chemistry”, “Organic Chemistry”, “Inorganic Chemistry”, Analytical Chemistry and Biochemistry. Also the department has both an M.S. and a Ph.D. program.


The department of Chemistry always updates ıts courses contents based on the scientific studies. The department sustains teaching and academic activities in order to train high quality and contemporary scientists and  chemists.

Department of Mathematics


Department of Mathematics was established in 1982 and  received its first mathematics students in 1984. The department also provides evening education actively since 2012. Besides undergraduate teaching, the  department also provides service courses to all university students. In addition,  the department has both an M.S. and a Ph.D. program and there are 6 majors in the department namely, “Topology”, “Fundamentals of Mathematics and Mathematical Logic”, “Analysis and Function Theory”, “Algebra and Number Theory”, “Applied Mathematics and “Geometry”


Department of Physics


The stages of Department of Physics has passed through in its distinguished past are outlined below.


The Istanbul Technical School (1937-1969)


Physics department was founded as part of the Cartography and Land Survey Engineering Department which began education in the 1949-1950 semester as the first institution for engineers in Turkey in this field. Under leadership of Prof. Dr. A. Bedi ILGIM, basic and modern Physics courses were opened


Architectural Academy Period (1969-1982)


During this period, as a part of basic science department, Physics department began offering basic physics,modern physics and atomic and molecular physics courses to the undergraduate and graduate engineering students.


The Yıldız University Period (1982-1992)


With the establishment of faculty of science and letters in Yıldız-Beşiktaş in 1982, Our department introduced a four-year program leading to an undergraduate physics major. In addition,  The department began offering both an M.S. and a Ph.D. program. Physics  department moved from Beşiktaş to Şişli in 1985.


The Yıldız Technical University Period (1992-)


Physics department moved from Şişli to Davutpaşa campus in 2000 and continues research and education activities in Davutpaşa campus.


In the deparment of physics; research, education and development works are done in the field of physics. Physics department offers double major program to the students . In addition,  the department has both an M.S. and a Ph.D. program.


Department of Statistics


Department of Statistic was established in 1990 and Master program was formed in 2002; while PhD program was formed in 2011 for both Theoretical and Applied Statistics majors. Even the education language of our department is Turkish, the English preparatory school and the English lessons during undergraduate is mandatory.

The graduates can be employed at TurkSat (Turkish Statistical Institute), SPO (State Planning Organization), survey corporations, banking and insurance sector, Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange), laboratories, IT and HR departments of several companies and the planning departments of various organizations. Additionally, the students with higher GPA are allowed to enroll in a second major.


Department of Western Languages and Literatures


Department of Western Languages and Literatures was established in 1992. It is the first institution providing translation and interpreting in French at the undergraduate level. The French translation and interpreting program is aimed to train students in interpreting, translation and technical translation after 4 years long Bachelor degree.

We seek for students who are fluent in French and have enough French knowledge. Additionally, students are thought two more languages throughout English, German, Italian and Spanish in addition to French. The Master program was formed in 1998 and the PhD program named ‘Language and Intercultural Translation Doctoral Program’ was formed in 2007.


Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics


Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics began as the Department of Biology, established in 1999. In 2012, the name of the Department was changed to Molecular Biology and Genetics to reflect the fact that most of the research in the Department were engaged in molecular biology, genetics and biotechnology. The Department contributed only graduate education until 2012, currently offer both undergraduate and graduate programs. There are two majors which are General Biology and Molecular Biology. The PhD program was formed in 2012-2013 spring term.

Department of Turkish Language and Literature

The establishment of our department was decided in 1999. Master programs began in the area of Old Turkic Language in 2002-2003 academic year, in the area of Turkic Literature in 2005-2006 academic year. There are two main branches in our department: Turkic Language and Turkic Literature.

In our department, you can find any information about historical Turkic languages (Old Turkic, Kharaghan Language, Old Ottoman Language…), Turkic grammar, linguistics, Turkish literature in the Ottoman period, modern Turkish Literature from Tanzimat to today, folk literature and occupational English.

    The students who complete four academic year will graduate with totally 162 credits. Our department aims to gain comparative and interdisciplinary overview to students. 


Department of History


Department of History was established in 22.09.1982 and 3939 numbered article of T.C. The Higher Education Council.


Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


Yildiz Technical University puts into practice a general education program that is seen various examples of applications in our country and gain wide currency in modern education system in the world, since 2003-2004 academic year.


General education program, which was coordinated by Department of History, Faculty of Art and Science, Yildiz Technical University in 2003-2004 academic year, was incorporated by Department of Humanities and Social Sciences since 2006.


Besides obligatory basic cultural (social structures and historical transformations) and University optional courses, our department started Master program in 70% English language since 2010-2011 academic year.


Department of Philosophy


Department of Philosophy within Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Yildiz Technical University was founded in 2010. It was founded on the purpose of offering an education and research to satisfy the need for rational-critical knowledge, and also to make a contribution to the repositioning of philosophy in our country, since it is a discipline that is proven to assist to any kind of positive improvement in the world. The department have both Master and PhD programs. Although courses are in Turkish, our department has some courses in English. It is possible to write the thesis in both languages.


Department of Sociology


Department of Sociology is established newly and it can be called young in terms of its academic experience. Department of Sociology started Master program in 2014-2015 year of study. Our department has an outstanding performance in research and publications compare to its conditions and possibilities. Our aim is to minimize the imperfections, maximize the strengths and perform more qualified academic research and education to the academic world by year of 2015-2016.